Choose your Career ?

Each and everyone in this planet are unique. Someone is good at study, someone at sports, someone at house work, someone at singing, dancing.

“There are three types of  skills which reside in being: Creative skills, Management skills and Destructive skills”

In Hindu religion, in many books, Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh avatars are been mentioned.

Brahma is related with creative energy and skills, as It is said that Brahma has created whole world. Stomach is the place of Brahma, where organs like liver, grbsy, abdomen, Kidneys are there which function the creative tasks like birth of baby, creating hormones, etc. So if you feel that you are more creative, and your Brahma shakti is powerful, you can choose career like Fashion Designing, Graphic designing, Architecture, Jewelry designing, Painting, Dancing, Music, etc.

Vishnu is related with Management skills, vishnu is said as palankarta which means adherent of the world. He is responsible for feeding all living beings. Above stomach, and below neck is the place of lord Vishnu. Here all organs such as Heart (which circulate blood to whole body), Lungs which manage life force Oxygen. all these are organs do management of the body. So if you feel that your Vishnu shakti (energy) is high, you should chose career such as MBA, Hotel management, Project management.

And Mahesh (lord shiva) is related to Destruction. It teaches us Creativity In Destruction. Head is the place of lord Mahesh. It is said Shiva has three eyes. World gets destructed  when third eye of shiva is opened. and after that, there is beginning of new world. We have seen many children smash up their toys to see how they are made! If you were one among them, you can choose Engineering as career.

So let us use this information to choose career of children for their well being and success.